Experience lucid dreaming while awake

Lucid dreaming while awake — technology and artistic vision unite

Technology and art combine in a massive 32,000 sq ft interactive art installation in Odaiba, Tokyo through August 31st.  As a visitor to the installation, you experience something similar to lucid dreaming while awake.  You are invited to wander through a digital maze of interactive art. Using your smartphone, you decide how the artwork changes to fully immerse yourself in a lucid dreamlike experience. The art continually changes and never repeats as you move and interact within the space.

There are several different room-sized computer-generated, interactive installations. Light, sound, smell and touch are all used to fully immerse you in the experience.

In Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers, the cycle of life perpetually continues as floating flowers grow, bud, bloom and die.

In Wander Through the Crystal Universe, you walk around in a three-dimensional light space. Your movement affects the light and changes the installation. You also interact with the installation using your smartphone to select different elements in the Crystal Universe.

In Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the Dance of the Koi and People – Infinity, you walk through water with swimming koi. Bumping into the koi causes them to burst into flowers and disperse while their courses leave trails of light.

In Soft Black Hole – Your Body Becomes a Space that Influences Another Body, the darkness is so pervading you can’t see the walls, floor or ceiling. Imagine as you enter, everything you touch is so soft it feels as if you are sinking into it. Wandering along, the space itself changes and effects you and others in the room. (Sorry, no video for this one.)

lucid dreaming while awake
Soft Black Hole

Get more details on the DMM.PLANETS website.

As a dreamer and an artist, I would love to experience this — wouldn’t you?