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Thank you for stopping by my new dream site!

I originally created my Notes from a Dreamer site way back in 2001 in response to a dream. I had this dream, Trees for Two, in May of 2000. When I awoke from it, I was in total awe and that feeling continued all day long. I knew it was a “big dream” and I had to take time to interpret it and, even more importantly, act on it. (Read the dream and interpretation, here.)

A lot has changed since 2001 — especially me. I’m fifteen years older. I moved from NJ to VA for love, and am now single again. I am now a published author, dream educator, dreamworker and most recently, an artist!

Technology has changed much, too. The old site just wasn’t viable anymore as I couldn’t update it using the same tools since purchasing a new laptop with Windows 10. So I needed to design this new dream site. This new site is much more streamlined and will be devoted only to dreams. I created another site for my artwork, entitled, Art from a Dreamer. I hope you will consider visiting it and sharing what you like with your friends.

In the meantime, please explore these pages and blog posts to find more information on:

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