Dream Resources

My Favorite Dream Resources

For additional dream resources and information on dreams and dreaming, I suggest you check out some of my favorite websites and books.

Dream Related Websites

International Association for the Study of Dreams – your first source for all things dream related; or follow them on Facebook.

Dreambridge — Angel Morgan is an author, dreamworker and dream educator dedicated to her dream of “coming together in community to express our dreams creatively [to] change the world for the better. ” She offers courses and workshops specializing in dreams and the arts.

Be Dreamful — Suzanne Bergmann’s site offers dreamworking information, tools and a blog about dreams.

Dream Studies – Ryan Hurd’s site is chock full of info on dream research, sleep paralysis, nightmares, consciousness and more.

Dream Journalist — Cynthia Pearson’s website devoted to dreams and precognition.

The Lucid Dreamer’s Community — Discussion board and information relating to lucid dreams, including a “how-to” guide for beginners.


Dream Related Books and Journals

Our Dreaming Mind (1994) by Robert L. Van de Castle, PhD – the definitive book on dreams and dreaming; currently out of print but still available as a pdf here.

Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self (2009) by Robert Waggoner – takes you on a magic carpet ride of lucid dreams; an enjoyable read.

Dream Language: Self Understanding through Imagery and Color (2005) by Robert Hoss, MS – links research and dreamwork together with an emphasis on color in dreams.

Dream Medicine: Learning How to Get Help From Our Dreams (2005) by Henry Reed; filled with creative ways to work with your dreams.

Group Dreaming: Dreams to the Tenth Power (2006) by Jean Campbell – an exploration into the world of mutual dreaming.

The Dream Workbook: Discover the Knowledge and Power Hidden in Your Dreams (2002) by Jill Morris – exercises to help you remember, understand and control your dreams.

The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep (1998) by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche for those seeking a spiritual path.