Dream Resources

My Favorite Dream Resources

For additional dream resources and information on dreams and dreaming, I suggest you check out some of my favorite websites and books.

Dream Related Websites

Our Dreaming Mind — The personal website of the late dream researcher and author of Our Dreaming Mind, Robert Van de Castle, PhD. His book is no longer in print but is available on his website as a pdf download.

International Association for the Study of Dreams – your first source for all things dream related; or follow them on Facebook.

Dreams Cloud – a great site to share your dreams and receive feedback from other dreamers; has SmartPhone apps to call in your dreams.

Dreambridge — Angel Morgan is an author, dreamworker and dream educator dedicated to her dream of “coming together in community to express our dreams creatively [to] change the world for the better. ” She offers courses and workshops specializing in dreams and the arts.

Be Dreamful — Suzanne Bergmann’s site offers dreamworking information, tools and a blog about dreams.

Dream Studies – Ryan Hurd’s site is chock full of info on dream research, sleep paralysis, nightmares, consciousness and more.

Dream Journalist — Cynthia Pearson’s website devoted to dreams and precognition.

The Lucid Dreamer’s Community — Discussion board and information relating to lucid dreams, including a “how-to” guide for beginners.


Dream Related Books and Journals

Our Dreaming Mind (1994) by Robert L. Van de Castle, PhD – the definitive book on dreams and dreaming; currently out of print but still available from some sellers and directly from the author at his website, www.ourdreamingmind.com.

Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self (2009) by Robert Waggoner – takes you on a magic carpet ride of lucid dreams; an enjoyable read.

Dream Language: Self Understanding through Imagery and Color (2005) by Robert Hoss, MS – links research and dreamwork together with an emphasis on color in dreams.

Dream Medicine: Learning How to Get Help From Our Dreams (2005) by Henry Reed; filled with creative ways to work with your dreams.

Group Dreaming: Dreams to the Tenth Power (2006) by Jean Campbell – an exploration into the world of mutual dreaming.

The Dream Workbook: Discover the Knowledge and Power Hidden in Your Dreams (2002) by Jill Morris – exercises to help you remember, understand and control your dreams.

The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep (1998) by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche for those seeking a spiritual path.