My First Dream Art Journal



I loved the process of altering my first book (into an art journal) so much, that I did another one. Only this time, I decided to create my own Dream Art Journal from it, as part of my annual review of my dream journal.

As you can see, a dream art journal doesn’t require a lot of artistic talent or supplies — a journal — a little paint (or markers, crayons, etc.) to create a background and pasting printouts of your dreams and images from the internet or magazines or books (or draw or paint them yourself).

Of course, you can be as creative as you want. This dream art journal has a fabric cover and I was able to incorporate fabric into my dream ‘Searching for a Pattern’. In addition, I added a few real pennies to my last entry which was for 5 dreams I had on ‘Finding Pennies’.

A few of the entries I had created previously on watercolor paper that was too large for the journal — so I scanned them and reduced them to fit. Now I don’t have to worry about them getting lost or damaged because they’re loose.

Creating art from my dreams is not meant to interpret them, but it can certainly be part of that process. I see it more as a way to honor my dreams and bring them to life. Dr. Angel Morgan calls it ‘dreambridging’ (

In all, I incorporated 32 dreams from 2008 — 2011. I’ll be working on more — I need to alter another book!

When I was done, I was curious as to whether there was a pattern or message that these particular dreams were offering. Why did I choose these particular dreams? So I did a Content Analysis on them and was surprised to see how many dreams I have of being in or that are about NY and NJ even though I was living in VA at the time for all but 2 of the dreams. I was also surprised to see how many dreams I had containing animals — and overcoming fear. Thinking back, I can see that I have overcome many fears during this time frame. My favorite ‘AHA’ moment was seeing that I had 5 dreams about finding pennies — a reminder to be grateful.

My hope in sharing this is to inspire you to pay more attention to and honor your dreams — journal them — create art — learn from them — and ENJOY!