Awe Inspiring Dream

An awe inspiring dream inspired my website and book

I had the dream below, Trees for Two, in May of 2000. It motivated me to create my original Notes from a Dreamer website and ultimately my book of the same name. I share the dream and my interpretation of it in my book, Notes from a Dreamer … on Dreaming: A Personal Journey in Dream Interpretation which is available in paperback and kindle on amazon.

The awe inspiring dream, Trees for Two

“I am walking along with a guide, inside a big, beautiful house. He is taking me on a tour of the house. I am admiring it, when I come across a huge, majestic tree soaring high into the cavernous eaves of the ceiling. I am in awe of this breathtaking sight. Then I realize what makes it even more breathtaking — it is suspended in midair, about four feet off the ground — just hanging there — with no roots. I can’t take my eyes off of it as I continue my tour of the house.

digital painting depicting an awe inspiring dream
Trees for Two digital painting

I walk on a way, and lo and behold, I come to another majestic tree, even larger than the first. This one is also suspended about four feet in midair with no roots. I look up and see the branches of the two trees are intertwined in places. The upper portions of the trees are reaching into what seems like eternity for I cannot see the ceiling of the room, even though I know I am inside. I am utterly awe inspired by this sight when I wake up.

This feeling of total awe continued all morning long. I knew this was a very, very important dream that must be acted on.”

My Interpretation

“I have often felt the presence of a guide in my dreams, watching over me, showing me where I’ve been, asking me questions and insisting on answers. I’ve come to trust him completely, for I know he has my best interests at heart. I’ve never seen him, but I hear him and I know he is there, someone outside of myself. On this night, he is showing me my house, the place where my spirit lives, and we come upon this awe-inspiring tree. The size of the tree is an indication of how much I have grown, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually, since I started my journey many years ago.

But there is something wrong with this tree — it has no roots. While it makes a breathtaking sight, a tree without roots will surely die for it takes its nourishment from the soil   it is planted in. Upon reflection, I realize that I have spent many years on a journey of growth — but it’s all been in my head. So what this dream is telling me is that having all this spirit and knowledge is useless without grounding it — putting it to use and service. I must plant my tree in the ground so that it will continue to grow.

Now the second tree confuses me. I have two options in interpreting it. One is that the second tree represents my hopes and dreams — the second tree is even bigger than first — did I mention that I’m a dreamer? The branches are intertwining with those of the tree of spirit and knowledge. If this is the case, then here, too, I must take my dreams (now intertwined with my knowledge) and plant them so they grow roots and become reality. I must act on them and make them real.

You may think the second option is a little far-fetched, but I am very open-minded and believe all things are possible. The second option is that I was not alone in having this dream. Is it possible that someone else had this dream with me and the second tree was the second dreamer? And our branches (mind, spirit, dreams) are linked together in some way?”

My Action Plan

Once I interpreted the dream, I decided to act on it by sharing what I learned about dream interpretation with others. I started by writing a popular column, which I titled, Notes from a Dreamer … on Dreaming, in an online writing site. That site didn’t last long. I found another site to share on which folded … and then another. One year and three writing sites later, I decided that I needed something that I could have total control over. The original Notes from a Dreamer website was born!

In acting on the dream and creating my website, I took my dreams (now intertwined with my knowledge), planted them; and they grew roots and became reality. My book took a few years, but followed suit (perhaps this was the second tree?)

Have you ever had an awe inspiring dream?