Dream Interpretation Services and Courses

As a dream educator I offer several dream interpretation services to assist you on your journey to understand the messages your dreams provide. Please feel free to Contact Me about any of the services listed below or other dream related questions or concerns. If I can’t help you directly, I probably know someone who can.

All payments are done by PayPal.


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Individual Dream Interpretation Guidance

I am available for one-on-one phone or skype consultations in which I will guide you through understanding one dream. Only you know what your dream means. I can offer guidance and suggestions for you to work at understanding your dream yourself.

1/2 hour: $30.00
1 hour: $50.00
I offer discounts for booking/payment of multiple appointments upfront.
Please Contact Me for more information.


Individual Dream Interpretation Workshop

This is a four-week workshop that covers several different individual dreamworking techniques. A new technique is offered each week. You work on each technique for one full week by using easy-to-follow templates, followed by a 1/2 hour phone consultation each week.

Fees: $120.00  Please Contact Me for more information.


Group Dream Interpretation Workshop

I am available to do in-person 1/2 day (3 1/2 hours plus 1/2 hour break) or full day (6 hours plus 1 hour lunch break) dream interpretation workshops for a small-to-medium sized group. The workshop includes basic facts about dreams and dream interpretation, as well time to practice several techniques.

Fees: Negotiable. Please Contact Me for more information.


Dream Helper Ceremony

A unique small group (6 – 10) experience highlighting our psychic connections in dreams, which I learned by working with its creator, Robert Van de Castle, PhD. Participants gather for 1/2 -1 hour before retiring for the night and then regather for 4  – 6 hours the following day to process the night’s dreams. Guaranteed to blow your mind!

Fees: Negotiable.

I’m willing to try this as online experience via Skype or Zoom.

Please Contact Me for more information.

Dream Interpretation courses

I am currently working on creating several dream interpretation courses. I will post more information once completed.  Check back again soon.