Presentation on Psi dreams and other extraordinary dreams by Dr. Robert Van de Castle

PsiDreams Presentation



PsiDreams is the ULTIMATE review of psi dreams by the “Prince of Percipients’ himself, Dr. Robert Van de Castle. It is a compilation of 100 PowerPoint slides from five different presentations given by Dr. Van de Castle from 2008-2011 and is available in pdf format (including Presenter notes). It is estimated to be a two-hour presentation. This awesome presentation discussing psi dreams and other extraordinary dreams is available for only $15.00 (US) via PayPal using the ‘Pay Now’ button below. Be sure to select “PsiDreams” in the dropdown box. Also included with your purchase is a BONUS article written by Dr. Van de Castle in 1970, Dynamics of the sender-receiver relationship in telepathic dream studies, plus a BONUS Video, The Dream Helper Ceremony.

After making payment via PayPal, you will receive an invitation via email (the email you have set up in your PayPal account) to download the files from my dropbox. Please be patient as it may take up to 12 hours for me to receive notification from PayPal of your payment and then have the opportunity to send you the link to the dropbox. If you do not receive the email invitation after 12 hours, please Contact Me and I will send the invitation. Please be patient, as I keep crazy hours.

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