Book Reviews for Notes from a Dreamer … on Dreaming

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Notes from a Dreamer … on Dreaming received pre-publication rave reviews:

Bobbie Ann Pimm’s delightful book bonanza leads us along the paths of her decades of dream exploration, setting out a map for others, particularly those new to dreamwork, to follow. Written with sensitivity and clarity in outlining the steps she found most valuable in arriving at the life-changing messages of her dreams, she further inspires dreamers with her poetry and artwork, emphasizing their value as other important directional aids to soul growth and life’s purpose.  Her extraordinary dreams challenge us to follow her in explorations of the human mind and consciousness. Lead on, Bobbie Ann!”

— Rita Dwyer
Past President and Executive Officer
International Association for the Study of Dreams


In this charming little book on dreams, Bobbie Ann Pimm delivers a wealth of helpful hints, clear information, and assistance to the dreamer — accompanied by a visual feast.  With deft illustration from the creative results of her own dreaming, Pimm turns Notes From A Dreamer into a journey which can be shared by all.”

— Jean Campbell
Author of Group Dreaming: Dreams to the Tenth Power
Past President and Chair of the Board, IASD


By taking the reader by the hand, Bobbie walks with you on the dream path – encouraging those who are ready to discover a deeper level of self-understanding.  Through use of poetry and dreamscape imagery, she shares with the reader a refreshingly honest story of her dreaming world and how it connects to the waking world.  Haiku and image-montage allows the reader to connect personally with her dreams and allows inspiration for a deeper understanding of dream symbolism.”

 — Laura Atkinson
IASD Member

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